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10 Oct. 2015

Corporate Customers

    Maintenance of personal file storage for the company’s needs often becomes an unjustified and expensive decision. Besides of the server, it is necessary to support the infrastructure, experts and related equipment. But what if there are large fires, flood or any other force majeure? Most likely data will be irretrievably lost. Moreover, at the same time difficulty with data access will arise in case of requirements arising away from company office.
    All of these problems can be solved by creating a corporate file storage based on the service of secure cloud data storing mySafeDisk. In that case the company is provided with the ready-made remote server for safe, comfortable and round-the-clock processing. It is also possible to organize files storage on the mySafeDisk technology of secure storing using customer equipment.
    The use of SafeDisk corporate secure file storage will allow to:
    • organize safe data access to corporate information from any distant point;
    • securely store information, giving away access rights only to the corporate staff;
    • differentiate access rights of your employees to corporate, private or confidential information;
    • organize a single information database for company employees;
    • create a single information database for distributed offices, subdivisions and company branches;
    • prevent duplication of stored information;
    • provide a single information center for collaborative company work;
    • close access to information to third persons.
    It is important to remember that by using SafeDisk corporate file storage the possibility of data loss or theft is practically excluded!
    SafeDisk corporate file storage is a decision for safe, reliable, comfortable and day-and-night working with operative, management and accounting information of an organization.