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Just copy the SafeDisk's folder to it. The SafeDisk occupies less than 40 MBi of disk space. For your convenience, you can copy the application and the security keys on the flash drive, and always carry. To access the data, you only need a computer with Internet connection.
Access to your files you have only using keys generated/created when you first start the program. Be sure to make a backup copy of the keys, not to lose them, or, in the case of loss of keys, data access will not be possible!
Use the "Key Manager" to create a backup of access keys, located in the context menu icon in the notification area SafeDisk Windows. In order to use the "key manager" just enough to start the service. Also, using the "Key Manager" security keys can be exported from a previously created backup.
Accelerate the process of launching the service, removing obsolete data backups. While working with files is the history of their changes in order to increase the reliability of the service data. Over time, the service information can be stored, which in turn can lead to slow boot disk when you connect to the service. To delete obsolete backups, use the appropriate utility available in the context menu icon in the notification area SafeDisk Windows.
At your request, in the "Settings", you can change the connection parameters of cloud storage and Internet connection. It is possible to specify the drive letter that will be mounted when connecting service. Also available setting proxy settings, if it is used when connecting to the Internet. By default, the proxy settings are determined automatically.
To ensure greater security of your data is encrypted not only the contents of files, but also information about their properties: name, date of creation, discovery, and other attributes, as well as information about the location of files in a directory structure.
Press the appropriate command from the context menu of the icon in the notification area SafeDisk Windows. If at this point the service perform any operations on the data, it will ask for confirmation of the output from the service or interrupting work with data, or by running the output at the end of all current operations.
To use the service requires a driver MobiFolderDokan, which is installed along with the service. Driver for the disk supplied with the client program. When you run the SafeDisk on the computer on which the driver is not installed, the driver will be installed automatically.
Upon completion of work with SafeDisk, temporary files are deleted. Thereby allowing you to work with data without worrying about their safety on any computer. Upon exiting the service data on its operation are removed, thereby ensuring the anonymity of operation and increasing the security of the data!